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alexander m. jones

Principal-High Road Consulting LLC

Alexander Jones holds an M.S. in Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainable agroecological systems and a B.S in Environmental and Plant Biology with a focus on medicinal plant products and their derivatives and has worked extensively in the fields of crop science, production, and greenhouse management.

Alexander currently owns Wilde Honey Farms LLC, a hemp farm and processor, and operates High Road Consulting LLC. He previously served as Director of Cultivation for Galenas where he helped design the award-winning Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facility and led the first harvest of the only Certified Kind medical cannabis in his state. Prior, he led greenhouse production at an all-year tropical greenhouse and nursery specializing in rare and exotic plants.

Alexander also has extensive academic research experience including studying plant responses to nutrient addition, plant productivity for water input, plant tissue analysis, biomass processing techniques for use in composting systems, and hydroponic research. While managing outdoor crops and indoor grow rooms for research, he was also studying plant cell wall biochemistry, plant metabolism and photosynthetic mechanisms, and metabolite formation. He has authored peer-reviewed papers and book chapters about plant tissue composition analysis, microbiology, life-cycle analysis, systems ecology, and developing plant productivity metrics.